My name is Ashwin Mohan. I'm a UX & Systems Designer with a Master of Science degree in Transportation Systems and Design, from Art Center College of Design. I also have a background in Industrial Design. My career as creative professional began at a very young age. Growing up, I had a natural inclination towards Art & Craft, and I was always encouraged to expand my creativity and find purpose. This lead me to discover and pursue design.

Today, I’m obsessed about creating holistic, future-focused, and meaningful experiences to empower people. I'm deeply motivated by complex and challenging contexts that exist today, and speculations of the future. Through my years of education & training, I've developed a strong belief in design that inspires optimism and respects humanity. My goal in life is to design experiences with passion, strongly guided by my belief and motive; within the purview of mobility, transportation, and adjacent fields.

Ashwin Mohan

I'm always learning and striving to push my design thinking

I'm a team player in both, work and sport and I play to make a difference!

I'm a team player but I don't just follow. I play to add value and make a difference...

A few things about me you won't find in my resume or portfolio...

Thesis Presentation

I love being challenged to step out of my comfort zone. This was a time that made me realize the rewards of that.

Coffee Person

Big -time coffee person. If you don't see me with a coffee, it means you don't know me enough.


In my free-time, I like to read and spend time contemplating ideas.

Visual Coding

What my wall looks like when I'm having too much fun with a project.


Telling stories visually is my favorite way of communicating ideas.


When I'm scared internally but calm on the outside.


The traditions I grew up with - Diwali.

Title: Strength

Sometimes I paint when I'm stressed. I helps me rejuvenate and structure my thoughts.

Contract Project - Design Strategy

Waymo LLC

Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

Led a team of 4 and strategically integrated various interaction ideas into a complete user experience using user journeys, storyboards, and brainstorming.

Identified and outlined the key design criteria, and theme(s) which in-turn guided design exploration.

Contributed skill-wise in ideation, concept development, and 3D modeling of the product package, and optimized sensing range.

Pitched and sold our IP as a team; currently under NDA.

Contract Project - Mobility UX Research

Los Angeles Metro

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Co-conducted design research where I mapped pain points, user needs, and visual data to facilitate collective insight and opportunity generation.

Strategically connected 4 ideas and illustrated a seamless user journey through storyboarding; which strengthened our team's response to insights.

Co-developed solutions through iterative ideation, mapping, and service blueprinting, and envisioned 2 technology-driven future user experiences.

Supported my team in resolving workflow backlogs by undertaking different roles.

more details on full resume...

what motivates me

Knowing that I have the skills, creativity, and intelligence to enrich people's experiences, drives me!

So what gets you out of bed everyday?

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